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Brave New Health Foundation was created to help educate the public about the scope of the problem of diagnostic errors and to bring together stakeholders who want to improve diagnosis around the globe.  Currently there are many passionate groups eager to improve diagnostic accuracy, but they lack a hub that brings them together. 

 BraveNewHealthFoundation.org will become the connective tissue, linking all interested parties and uniting their interests around a singular cause: improving diagnostic errors in medicine.   We will bring people together to not only raise awareness of the problem, but to educate people about existing solutions and inspire people to get involved and create even better ways to fix the problem.

 As one of its first major efforts, the documentary film Preventable Harm will be an agent of change. The film will give a voice and identity to a national problem that few outside of medicine knew existed. The film is just one component in a grand vision to jumpstart a diagnostic revolution.

 The foundation was started by Noah Craft.  Dr. Craft is a scientist, teacher, and practicing doctor.  After spending a decade working on vaccines and basic science, he realized that we need better ways to deliver the amazing knowledge we already have.  He believes that empowering patients and physicians with true knowledge is the first step to revolutionizing how diagnoses are made.  More deeply, he believes in raising public awareness about the problems that have been hidden in illegible doctors’ charts for decades.

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When will Preventable Harm be released?
Brave New Health Foundation
Brave New health Foundation will raise public awareness about the problem of diagnostic errors in medicine and serve as a resource for stakeholders in this mission

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