Preventable Harm: a documentary film

Film trailer coming soon. The documentary film Preventable Harm will expose medicine's biggest secret: diagnostic error. We'll explore the limits of the human mind, the human side of being a doctor, the perspective of people who have been misdiagnosed, and potential solutions to empower patients and doctors with knowledge. You will be amazed at what is not known and hopefully leave with a new perspective on health...

Brave New Health

Screen_Shot_2017-06-17_at_12.33.17_PM.pngBrave New Health Foundation was created to help raise awareness about the important problems in the practice of medicine today. Brave New Health Foundation is committed to bringing people together with the compassion and commitment to create a blueprint for a new system of care.   It is time for a change.

Today, we are saddened and yet inspired anew to recognize and remember Larry Weed (1923-2017), the inspiration for much of our work and the film above.  A brief memorial video to him can be found on The Film page above.

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